Anonymous: “These Attacks Will Continue” – Video

The group of hackers that recently took down Sony’s websites and declared war on the company yesterday, Anonymous, have now released a video stating these attacks against Sony will continue.

The group known as Anonymous is a loosely associated international network of activists and hacktivists who are known for their cyber attacks against corporations, governments, and organizations they see as oppressive or corrupt. In recent years, they have gained notoriety for their attacks against high-profile targets such as Sony, PayPal, and the Church of Scientology.

In April 2011, Anonymous targeted Sony in response to the company’s legal action against George Hotz, a hacker who had successfully jailbroken the PlayStation 3. Anonymous claimed that Sony’s legal action was an attack on the hacker community and launched a series of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks against Sony’s websites, resulting in the temporary shutdown of several of the company’s online services.

The attacks continued for several weeks, and in a video posted on YouTube, Anonymous announced that they would continue to target Sony until the company stopped its legal action against Hotz and apologized for its actions. Sony eventually settled with Hotz, but Anonymous continued to target the company, claiming that their attacks were in response to Sony’s poor security practices and their treatment of customers.

Since then, Anonymous has continued to be a thorn in Sony’s side, launching a series of attacks against the company’s websites and networks. In a video released in April 2023, Anonymous stated that their attacks against Sony would continue, and that they were motivated by a desire to expose the company’s alleged misdeeds and hold it accountable for its actions.

It remains to be seen how effective Anonymous’ attacks will be against Sony, and what the long-term consequences of these attacks will be for both the company and the broader online community. However, it is clear that the group’s actions have drawn attention to the issue of online security and the need for companies to take measures to protect themselves and their customers from cyber threats.

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