Resident Evil 4 360 Leaked Footage is Modded PC Version

Resident Evil 4 360 Leaked Footage is Modded PC Version

Did you really think the graphics would be that good for the Xbox 360 version?

Yesterday, footage of Resident Evil 4 HD on the Xbox 360 was supposedly released. However, it turns out that the video is actually the PC modded version of the title.

As noted by the majority of commentators on the video, the video is actually from a modded PC version of the game.

One user said:

It’s fake. The control layout is wrong the triggers would be used to dodge not the bumpers and why is the fire button X instead of A? Oh don’t tell me they’re still going with the classic Japanese controls and not the US control like they did in RE5′s type C and D controls.(i.e. back then Square was used to fire in the JPN versions of the games while X is US) I preferred it when the fire button was X for the PS2/3 and A for the 360 & NOT Square (PS3) and X (360), hard time getting used to that.

Another stated:

It’s obvious the video is actually a recording of the PC RE4 that is modded.

They even modified it to have the Xbox 360 layout.

I played the PC modded version so I know this.

What I am saying is that the guy who uploaded this video probably did it as an April Fool’s joke saying it was the new HD remake when it’s just the PC modded version.

The person on Gameinformer wrote a BS article without doing any research when they used this video.

Well, that’s that, then.

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