Crysis 2 Textures Are 1/2 Size of Crysis 1 – Proof

Crysis 2 Textures Are 1/2 Size of Crysis 1 – Proof

The first Crysis represented the benchmark of PC gaming when it released, but with Crysis 2 also on consoles, the game has been watered down – so much in fact, that its resolution is lower than that of the original Crysis.

Crysis 2 texture (click image to enlarge):

On the GameTrailers forum, user The–Architect explained:

Basically, the majority of all textures in Crysis 2 are half the resolution quality of those in Crysis 1. Crytek downgraded the textures significantly in order to be on consoles.

I’ve been modding Crysis 2 by unpacking and decrypting the files and did a little comparison. I took the same textures from Crysis 1 and put them into Crysis 2 to see if there was actually a difference in quality.

The–Architect continued:

If you dont believe me, you can mod the game yourself.

PS: The sequel not only has 1/2 the resolution of texture size from the first, but it also borrows many identical textures from the original. This explains why the comparison was so easy to do. All I had to do was look for the same file names in the Crysis 2 and Crysis 1 texture/detail directories, and then copy the original into the squeal.

What a disappointment. Looks like there is a lot of work to do to bring this game up to the originals standards.

Crytek have yet to respond to these claims.

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