PS3 Hacker Who Needed Legal Funds Gets Over $28,000 in Donations

PS3 Hacker Who Needed Legal Funds Gets Over $28,000 in Donations

A while ago, PS3 hacker Alexander Egorenkov asked his readers for donations to cover his court costs (he’s getting sued by Sony for working on getting Linux back to the system) and he consequently received $14,000 in just two days. Now, the hacker has received a truly incredible sum of money to continue his fight.

Revealing the news via his blog, Egorenkov firstly stated Sony were suing him for $1.4 million for his hacking contributions towards Sony’s system. His court costs resulted in an accumulative about $22,500 to $28,100, he said.

Then, Egorenkov stated he more or less has all the court costs he needs by saying via his blog:

Thanks guys for all your generous help. But it’s enough i think. Thanks a lot.

Many gave Alexander small amounts, but some were giving the hacker very generous amounts with one reader commenting:

$150 From Canada heading your way!

Egorenkov had also earlier said:

They (Sony) just want to make an example of me, to stop me from giving you your rightful Linux on PS3 and more knowledge about PS3′s hypervisor which i disassembled. I think SONY should sue their own incompetent developers who created such an insecure system instead of making their system “secure” by suing every PS3 hacker in the world.

I have never stolen any information from SONY, no documents and no software, all my work is based on the knowledge that i reversed on my own, i didn’t steal it, so i own it and can share it with anyone i want to and i chose to give it to the community for free. Stealing from SONY is not an option for me because of only one reason: reverse engineering and learning new things on my own is what motivates me to do what i’m doing.

Earlier in March, Egorenkov said his legal fees he needs is too immense to handle by himself and asked his readers to donate. His blog post gather quite the attention as he received in excess of $13,900 within just an amazing two days since he made aware of his financial needs.

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