Shift 2 Mandatory PS3 HDD Installation Size Revealed; Isn’t Pretty

Shift 2 Mandatory PS3 HDD Installation Size Revealed; Isn’t Pretty

The Shift 2: Unleashed mandatory installation size for the PS3 has been revealed and the size won’t please players who plan on picking up the racer on Sony’s platform.

The Shift 2: Unleashed installation size weights in at a massive 4243 MB; that’s nearly 4 and a half GB. PlayStation 3 owners who are planning on picking up the racer will need to wait more than at least six minutes for it to install. And, to add insult to injury, you have to install the data to play the game.

Shift 2: Unleashed releases on April 1st. Launch trailer’s below.

games nowadays require large amounts of space to run smoothly. However, it may be a significant issue for those with limited storage space on their console. With many games requiring sizable updates and patches, it can be challenging to maintain a library of titles on a PS3 without constantly deleting and reinstalling games.

The PS3’s limited processing power may also lead to longer loading times and potentially lower frame rates. However, this is just speculation, and the game may run perfectly fine on the console. It is worth noting that Shift 2: Unleashed was released in 2011, and the PS3 was already several years old at that point. Still, it is a testament to the game’s technical prowess that it requires such a large installation size on the aging console.

In the end, the installation size of Shift 2: Unleashed on PS3 may be a minor inconvenience for some players, but it is unlikely to deter fans of the racing genre. With its fast-paced action and intense gameplay, Shift 2: Unleashed is sure to provide hours of entertainment for those willing to wait out the installation process.

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