Top 5 Games Expected to be Announced at E3

Top 5 Games Expected to be Announced at E3

As E3 draws closer VGHQ put together a list of the top five games that are expected to be announced during E3.

#5 – Starhawk

One of the first PlayStation 3 exclusives, Warhawk, is still played daily with its loyal yet large player base. The game has been going strong for a few years now and it would only make sense for the game’s successor to be announced soon. Dylan Jobe, president of the studio developing an unannounced PlayStation 3 title, LightBox Interactive, has been teasing fans and gamers alike for months now regarding the company’s PS3 project. The developer has been given plenty of tweets stating they’ll announce the game when they’re ready and after all this waiting it has a very high chance to make Sony’s E3 presser a very interesting one.

#4 – Modern Warfare 3

We all pretty much know that Modern Warfare 3 is in development. Publisher Activision would want to capitalize on Modern Warfare 2′s success obviously but due to Activision and Infinity Ward’s public spat last year it has somewhat delayed the potential announcement. The Modern Warfare series is highly regarded as the best shooters to purchase and after all the hate from gamers towards the Call of Duty titles Modern Warfare 3 will surely become the best selling title of all time once it releases (as its predecessor did). An E3 reveal is highly likely after recent job listings hinted towards the imminent existence of the shooter.

# 3 – Hitman 5

Rumors regarding a new Hitman title has been circulating the Internet for a good few months now. The last game to release on consoles was years ago and it seems certain the game’s heading for an E3 unveil after a forum moderator for the Hitman titles stated an E3 reveal for a certain Hitman game will be unveiled. With no other game matching to its quality we fully expect IO Interactive to announce the game during the forthcoming industry event.

#2 – Bayonetta II

Yes, the game had its fair share of harsh critics but no one can complain about the quality Bayonetta brought to the gaming industry. Fast, action-filled gameplay with a character that will get any man’s heart racing made Bayonetta one of the standout titles of 2010.

There’s already various hints that the game is in existence after the game’s development team said Bayonetta II would be an excellent idea and others saying it would only be common sense for the game to be created. Indeed, it would be common sense judging by the game’s unexpected success so expect an E3 announcement for this.

#1 – Grand Theft Auto V

Developer Rockstar Games has been delivering potential hints towards the existence of Grand Theft Auto V for years now. Just recently we uncovered details of job listings stating that most of the Rockstar Games’ studios needs employees for various job roles which all required experience with a PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 title; further solidifying that the game does indeed exist. With over 20 million units sold for Grand Theft Auto IV I think I speak for everyone when I say I believe Rockstar should be in pole position to announce GTA V at E3.

What games would you like to see announced during E3; what is your top 5 list? Let us know via the comment section below. Best answer gets a $10 PSN card, so be sure to use a valid email.

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