Resident Evil 4 PS2:PSN Screenshot Comparison

Resident Evil 4 PS2/PSN Screenshot Comparison

Following the announcement of Resident Evil 4 releasing on the PlayStation Network this fall, a screenshot comparison between the PS2 and PSN version of the critically acclaimed title has been unveiled.

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Capcom has officially announced that the HD versions of Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil: Code Veronica X will be released in the West via PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE Arcade for digital download. Resident Evil 4 will include additional content from subsequent releases, such as the Separate Ways chapter, and both games will support Trophies and Achievements.

The release date is set for this fall, with no pricing details yet. It remains unclear whether the games will be sold separately or bundled together, as Capcom has only mentioned that they will be released as downloadable titles. Comparison screenshots have been shared on Capcom Unity for fans to view.

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