Cliffy B Praises PS3 Exclusive

Cliffy B Calls N4G Fanboys “Butthurt” Over Move Comments

Recently, Cliff Bleszinski commented on the PlayStation Move during GDC; saying he can’t help giggling when seeing them and the peripheral looks like “glowing ice cream cones”. Now, the Gears of War creator has hit back on comments aimed at him regarding the Gears of War creator mocking the PlayStation Move.

In a Twitter rant, Bleszinski tweeted the following regarding those who commented on the story regarding his dig at the Move on N4G:

Daily challenge achieved: Butthurt fanboys on N4G are fuming over a joke I made. :) #cannotstopreadingflamingcomments

Another tweet from the outspoken developer said:

Isn’t “Butthurt” the best term ever? I’m picturing a crying fanboy running around with both hands on his butt, wailing. #someonedrawthis

And, someone did actually draw the somewhat disturbing image (!) and Bleszinski approved:

Meet Melvin B. Buttehurt!!!! #butthurt” YES

Bleszinki’s next title, Gears of War 3, will launch in September.

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