Cliffy B Praises PS3 Exclusive

Cliffy B Praises PS3 Exclusive

Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski has delivered high praise and compliments to a certain PS3 exclusive.

The developer talked about multiplayer components in games during a talk recently at GDC; he praised From Software’s Demon’s Souls for having a great multiplayer component and how it keeps its players compelled on a regular basis. Bleszinski said:

Even co-op – a synchronous co-op; Demon’s Souls was ahead of its time; what if I have an existing world where I can hide stuff from my friends, then send notifications to them; they come in and find it.

He continued to talk about multiplayer aspects in games:

The current way we usually play multiplayer games online is like going to a pub and hoping you run into everybody. We need better ways to plan this kind of stuff. And, ultimately, this will lead towards the game always being with you.

Cliff Bleszinski’s latest game, Gears of War 3, is currently scheduled for a release this September.

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