Cliffy B Mocks PlayStation Move

Cliffy B Mocks PlayStation Move

Cliff Bleszinski – a man who’s notoriously known by PS3 owners due to his remarks about the console – has spoken about the PlayStation Move and consequently mocking it.

Playstation motion controller

During an interview with Eurogamer, Bleszinski said:

Move is what it is. I can’t help by even going by the floor in the show and seeing the big glowing ice cream cones; I just giggle.

The Gears of War creator continued:

I don’t want anymore frigging plastic on my coffee table; that’s why Kinect was sexy to me.

Cliff Bleszinki has been fairly outspoken regarding the PlayStation 3; from declaring he dislikes the PS3 controller to now giving a light hearted jab aimed at the Move.

Cliffy B, who was responsible for games such as Unreal Tournament and Gears of War, mocked the PlayStation Move and called it a “waggle stick”, a term that was commonly used to describe motion controls that required players to wave their controllers around to perform actions in the game. He also criticized the lack of innovation in the device, stating that it was a copycat of the Wii’s motion controller.

The interview with Eurogamer caused quite a stir in the gaming community, with some fans agreeing with Cliffy B’s assessment of the PlayStation Move, while others defended the device and criticized Cliffy B’s comments. The controversy also sparked a debate about the future of motion controls in gaming, with some industry experts predicting that it was a passing fad, while others believed it would become an integral part of gaming.

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