mobile research

The number of people using mobile phones continues to grow in the U.S. and abroad. They’re practical and versatile, they’ve become an indispensable means of 24/7 communication for most consumers and they’re a great point of access for building a panel tailored to your project specifications.

For many members of our global community, the mobile phone is already a kind of “life-support tool.” So, conducting surveys via EMI’s “On the Go” Mobile App helps to counter the declining motivation of respondents since so many potential participants are habitually connected to their devices.

We are excited to offer mobile research capabilities in the U.S. and globally, for projects just like yours.

USA: EMI “On the Go” Mobile App

  • Replicates 80% of online capabilities (LOI, video, programming complexity)
  • 425,000+ U.S. respondents
  • 58% have no other survey apps on smartphone
  • 73% don’t belong to another survey panel
  • Geo-targeting capabilities
  • Structured incentives

International: EMI browser-based methodology for emerging markets

  • More than 1.4MM people
  • More than 50 countries, including China/Indonesia/Africa/Big5
  • Respondents aged 16-44
  • Panel + mobile river sampling
  • Technology that works with any web-enabled device
  • Omnibus offering